Why Is My Home Water Bill So High

Your expenses reoccur each month and unless there is a big spike in the amount due, it’s probably a get-it-done status quo state of affairs. However, what if one month, your water costs shows up and it is abnormally high? Opportunities are you aren’t going to just pay it. You’re going to question it.


The concern, which requires to be asked is, why is my water expense so high?


Increased water usage could be coming from leaks in your plumbing system. A dripping faucet could be at fault or it could be modifications in your home’s water usage. With so many potential answers and sub-answers, it deserves exploring. Are you ready?

Possible Leaks in Your Plumbing System


Some leakages make a mess and should be addressed immediately. Some leaks are delayed since they don’t trigger an instant issue. Not all leaks are apparent and some leakages go undiscovered for an extended period of time.

Is Your Toilet Leaking


Toilet dripping is a typical problem, can increase your water bill and waste a staggering quantity of water. A defective flapper will trigger water levels within the toilet to drop and promote constant water use by filling and refilling. Water line connections and cracks in sealants can likewise be guilty as charged.


If you notice your toilet running long after the flush has been finished, you probably have a leakage. Humming, hissing and low toilet bowl water are other indicators that something is amiss.

Plumbing tightening o-ring on toilet

Leaking Faucets


With numerous faucets in a home, it’s not unreasonable to think at some time one is going to leak. Drip, drip, drip, ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. With each droplet, money is coming out of your pocket. A dripping faucet will increase your water bill and cost you money.


The problem may remain in the handle itself or much deeper within the pipes. Either way, the quicker the leak within a leaking faucet is recognized and fixed, the quicker your water expense will decrease.

Leaks in Your Irrigation System


Because you are most likely not walking the boundary of your lawn regularly, irrigation leaks can truly slip up on you. Pipes beneath the ground and watering lines cleverly disguised in landscaping might start as a sluggish leakage and escalate into a more sinister problem.


If nothing obvious is discovered in your home and your having a hard time to discover a leakage outdoors, call a professional plumbing professional for assistance. Here at Val Gross, we will offer a free initial quote. Call us at 816.875.9299.

Broken Water Pipe or an Obvious Leak


If you notice a severe amount of water in your lawn, soaked areas and/or a generous uptick in your water bill, there is a likelihood you have a broken water pipe. Leading factors for leakages within your water lines include the condition of pipes, tree root inference and underground critter interference.


Water usage from a damaged water pipe can cause your water bill payment to go way up.


This type of leakage needs an expert pipes company. Leave this to the professionals, their devices and their experience. Contact Val Gross for an evaluation and/or emergency services: 816.875.9299.

Pipe leaking water

Outdated Toilets and Fixtures

Things improve and develop and this holds true for toilets and water-exchanging fixtures. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a highly efficient washing maker can save 13 gallons of water per load. From washers to toilets to shower heads, it makes good sense then, updating your pipes should make your water expense go down.


If you have outdated fixtures, nevertheless, the quantity of water being utilized can easily increase with time. Sometimes the boost is so gradual, you may not see. We recommend upgrading your plumbing with items consisting of the WaterSense label and accreditations within water efficiency.

Plumber fixing leakage in sink

Changes in your house’s Water Usage


Variations in your family tenancy, seasonal changes and bad habits, simply to name a few, can impact your water bill. Typically, modifications in water are ignored because we are busy concentrating on the pressing products in our everyday lives. Being aware of water usage, however, can make a significant distinction with just a couple of subtle changes.

Kids Home for Summer Vacation


All of us anticipate summertime, warmer weather and having the family all under one roofing again. However, warmer weather condition means more showers. Plus, more residents will need more restroom time. And, don’t forget the extra laundry and extra dishes.


Even extended business can affect your water bill. If you can budget for a greater water expense payment, terrific. If not, try putting time limits on showers and using disposable plates, silverware and glasses as applicable.

Filling or Topping Off a Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are great aren’t they? Splashing, fun in the sun, the social component and water, water, water. If you have a pool, there will be the cost of filling it at the beginning of the season, filling up if you have to drain it for any reason and topping it off as needed.


If city water is costing you a fortune, think about using a Pool Water Delivery Service. Other remedies include lowering evaporation by utilizing a solar panel as a pool cover and/or investing in wind barriers such as ornamental landscaping. Keeping the chemicals well balanced and the water tidy will lower filtering and back washing, thus keeping a few bucks in your wallet. And repair all leakages, obviously.

Pool in the summer season

Running the Water During Cold Weather


As prevailing during Midwestern winters, temperature levels will drop to levels that cause freezing pipes. That suggests taking preventive measures to avoid damaged plumbing. I’m sure we’ve all done it, left a faucet or 2 leaking. In the plan of things, a greater water bill payment will be less expensive than a busted pipeline, however there are ways to reduce the increase.


One leaking sink may suffice. By choosing the sink the farthest from the supply of water, the water will be required to run through all the pipelines on its journey to the end. Other factors to consider consist of putting foam insulation around pipes and setting up dome covers around spigots.

New Water Consuming Equipment


We’ve touched on swimming pools but what about other water consuming equipment? If you’ve acquired a new cleaning machine, dishwashing machine, freezer, lawn sprinkler or hot tub, there is a likelihood your water costs are going to increase.


When acquiring water-consuming devices, search for high efficiency equipment with the WaterSense logo. Making clever purchases in the beginning can save you in the long run.

brand-new cleaning maker

Bad Water Wasting Habits


I bet we all have them. Water squandering habits that is. If you are guilty of any of the following habits, consider alternating your actions to lower water consumption.


Keeping the water on while brushing your teeth

Taking exceedingly long showers (a lot).

Hand washing meals (when you have a dishwasher).

Not filling laundry loads to the appointed capacity.


You ‘d marvel how the tiniest change can make the greatest distinction.

What to Do If Your Water Bill is High.


It’s there. It’s unavoidable. Your water bill is expensive. It’s time to act.

Check Your House for Leaks or Abnormal Usage.


Take a trip of your house to check for water under sinks, wet locations, and/or watermarks on ceilings. Likewise, listen for running water, dripping and toilets that run long after they have actually been flushed.

Inspect Your House Meter.


If you do not locate a dripping faucet, toilet dripping or a leakage in your house, attempt carrying out a house meter test: .


Turn off all water and terminate all water use.

Tell all home members to avoid using the water.

Jot down the reading on the water meter.

Wait 15 to 20 minutes.

Examine the reading on the water meter.


If after 15-20 minutes, the water meter indicates water utilize, it is safe to presume there is a leak in your home. While it’s unlikely that your water meter is malfunctioning, it has happened. If in doubt, have your utility company to verify the precision of your water meter.

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