How To Use a Copper Sheet

Tips For Working With Copper Sheets

Copper sheets are quite flexible in terms of all you can do with it. However, most times they are crafted into kitchen accents, beautiful rustic designs and even various crafts. Due to the materials softness, it is very easy to work with. Our article features some tips on how to use a copper sheets.

Most of the time, crafters go out and purchase as much copper as they want and they easily let the creativity flow. So, no matter if it’s hammering, punching, cutting or even bending an intricate design, copper sheets work exceptionally. Before you’re ready to get down and dirty, it’s best to get a better feel of your sheeting material. And you’ll notice right away that your copper sheet is not only lightweight but very think as well.

Due to this, you’ll need to be extra careful as you begin to handle larger sheets since they can easily bend. And you wouldn’t want to create creases on your material since they as we’ve said before bend easily and it’s not as easy to take unwanted creases off. Before you begin your actual work, you’ll want to ensure that you properly roll your sheeting out on a relatively spacious worktable.

And you’ll also need to keep various tools nearby to work on your project. Next, you’re going to want to cut the appropriate size you want with a pair of snips. And keep in mind that while its easy to use snips in both hands, copper is extremely soft so you’ll need just one. In no time you’ll be zooming through your sheets, so be sure to use a pair of leather gloves since your copper sheet will be quite sharp once you start cutting.

As you start the bending process, you’ll need to work with pliers for smaller pieces or even corners. And since every piece will produce a visible line, you can use a small wedge in order to prevent surface impressions. We’re sure you’re going to go all out and create beautiful designs; so, if you’re interested in joining various pieces, be sure to use a soldering iron and in no time, you’ll be creating joints that add to the already rustic feel of your design.

Many industry experts have also said that this particular technique of joining is absolutely excellent when it comes to crafts that involve replicating a knight’s armor or even his sword. So, be sure to use your gloves since copper is not only sharp on its edges but also an excellent conductor of heat and will soon heat up while you’re soldering. If you’re interested in crafting copper lampshades, you may want to rivet your joints since this gives your finished product some extra added beauty of the olden days in Italy.

Your copper sheets can also work wonders since they add a special Southwestern feel to not only backsplashes but countertops as well. And all you need to do in order to achieve this is simply spread your piece on a flat surface, preferably your worktable and begin to lightly hammer away. If you’ve never heard or thought about it, overlapping hammered indentations look their best in this fashion so be sure to use smaller controlled swings as you create your patterns.

As we conclude, we have just looked at some tips for crafting with copper. Additionally, if you’re settled on creating a piece for your garden, you’ll want to use some clear polyurethane so that your master piece doesn’t discolor when exposed to all the elements. They can be used for table tops, countertops, bar tops and in a wide variety of craft projects. So, all you need to do is select your desired thickness and get to work!

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